Protection against natural and man-made risks by integrated safety solutions


Integrated safety solutions

Usually it is thought that the simple fact of following regulations leads to a complete “safety”, able to protect us from many negative events that may cause damages to people, human activities and environment. If we consider safety as the compliance of different and specific regulations, that sometimes are dissimilar and not integrated, it may happen that prevention countermeasures are not compatible with each other or with the operating context.

Safety is actually a complex problem, which can be effectively solved only if all those that work for reaching “safety” are able to cooperate with an overall and strategic point of view.

Safexpertise was founded to provide companies and private and public authorities with integrated and innovative highly-specialized services for protecting people, critical infrastructures, productive activities, cultural heritage and environment from natural and human risks. The idea arises from the awareness that the safety management of a value potentially exposed to several adverse events, has to be thought, planned and carried out with an integrated perspective, which means intervening on all the protection aspects, which allow to reduce the whole risk.

In practice: reach SAFE.

The background makes the difference!

The SAFEty management with a global approach and perspective means high specialized skills and as well as people able to cooperate in synergy with each other.

Safexpertise is the result of highly-specialized professional consultants from academia and the professionals. In our company, technical-scientific knowledge intersects with the experience on field for providing you with interdisciplinary “expertise” essential for analyzing, facing and solving the specific problem. Solutions will be adapted to the specific context and your specific role and responsibility.