Adverse event

Event or situation characterized by the presence or generation of adverse effects for the exposed values.


Technical, organizational and behavioral measures and actions aimed at avoiding, controlling and limiting the potential negative consequences on exposed values. Countermeasures can be either for prevention or protection.

Exposed values

Values associated to entities that can potentially be exposed to adverse agents or conditions (target) and that, as a consequence to the exposure, may be negatively altered.

Fire safety engineering (FSE):

The application of science and engineering principles to protect people, property, and their environments from the harmful and destructive effects of fire and smoke.

Fundamental process of damage generation

Conceptual model on which intersectoral analysis of safety is based.


All measures whose aim is to contain or limit the possibility of damage generation from an adverse event, before it is generated.


All measures whose aim is to contain or limit the expected damage, after the generation of the adverse event.


Integrated safety condition in which the exposed values are defended and/or protected from different adverse events.


Condition in which the potential negative alteration of values, due to exposure to adverse agents, is limited or contained within acceptable limits.

Technical due diligence

Investigative process aimed to analyze the condition of a property for which there are intentions of acquisition or investment, in terms of compliance to reference standards.


Positive feature or property associated to an entity (person, organization, good, system..) that has to be protected from negative alteration.