Our Work

Safexpertise provides customers with integrated, innovative and inter-disciplinary consultancy services for the safety protection and prevention of:

  • People
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Productive activities
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environment

in the case of natural and man-made harzards, regarding especially fires, earthquakes and their interaction, for emergency management and recovery

We offer to private and public authorities, companies, associations and/or building and facilities supervisors, services regarding:

  • Research and development of integrated and innovative highly-specialized solutions, finalizing and application of scientific and technical methods for intersectoral safety management.
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis, characterization and rating of safeguard, protection and safety levels.
  • Writing of integrated plans for reducing the risk, operational intervention plans for removing critical situations, safety plans for people and goods.
  • Finding solutions and safeguard countermeasures appropriate to each (operative) situation.
  • Expert advices (even remote and/or on ICT systems) on integrated multi risk planning for protection and safeguard, assessment of standard compliance, and supervision in the implementation phase.
  • Integrated services for defining and fulfill supporting and capacity building plans in the management of decisional and executive processes.

Safexpertise promotes and contributes to the divulgation of protection and safety culture with particular regard to integrated and intersectoral management.